Tina is a certified personal trainer, certified nutrition consultant, and a registered yoga teacher with a passion for helping others. For the last 16 years she has been improving the lives of women, men, and children with her positive attitude and shining spirit.

Becoming a Personal Trainer

Even before beginning her fitness career, Tina had a craving for exercise and a thirst for health and fitness information. In particular, she loved to run. She ran numerous races including a handful of marathons and many half marathons. For the love of the sport and the joy of helping others, she began to train her friends and acquaintances for races; organizing running groups and creating training schedules. The praise she received from those she coached and the pleasure she got from helping them reach their goals led her to realize that her true calling was in the field of health and fitness. So she pursued her personal training certification, and soon after, began to work at local gyms helping others lose weight, build muscle, and feel healthy. It wasn’t long before Tina wanted to be her own boss and open her own personal training business, TrainerTina Personal Training.

Next Step Was Nutrition

One of Tina’s favorite past-times is reading nutrition information. You could almost call it an obsession. Even though she had a rich knowledge of nutrition from the various articles and books she read and the classes she attended at UCSD during her Bachelors of Arts program, Tina decided that the subject of nutrition was a complicated arena that needed further investigation. She soon attained her Certificate of Nutritional Consulting from the Natural Healing Institute where she learned that “one size” does not “fit all” when it comes to nutrition. She also learned in-depth about the benefits of nutritional supplementation of vitamins, minerals, and herbs making her approach to nutrition alternative from the methods taught in traditional schooling.

Adding nutritional consulting to her repertoire gave her the ability to devise comprehensive nutrition plans for her clients. She began to witness not only bodies changing on the outside, but also bodies changing on the inside in profound ways. Clients were reporting no longer needing their medications, stomach issues resolving, and symptoms from autoimmune disorders improving dramatically from dietary changes and physical activity.

My Intro to Yoga

Besides continually learning, one of the things Tina enjoys most about the health and fitness field is the challenge; the challenge to create workouts that are interesting and fun, the challenge to work around clients’ physical limitations, and the challenge to reach clients goals. In the spirit of challenge and trying new things, Tina started a new venture: Yoga. Of course, being the information junkie that she is and envisioning the benefits of incorporating yoga into her business, she attained her 200 hour yoga teacher certification. She uses these tools to teach her clients the connection between the body and mind to gain a wide-range of health improvements.

The evolution of Tina’s health and fitness journey came very naturally as her intuitive nature guides her in all her pursuits. With all three certifications under her belt, Tina is able to assist her clients in all areas of health and wellness; balancing their bodies, minds, and spirits. She inspires and empowers her clients to live their best life with vitality and balance.

Degrees and Certifications
  • Bachelors of Arts, Sociology - UCSD
  • Personal Trainer Certification - AFAA
  • Nutrition Consultant Certification - Natural Healing Institute
  • Registered Yoga Teacher - Yoga Alliance, Vinyasa Arts
  • Group Exercise Certification - AFAA
  • TRX Suspension Certification
  • Kettlebell, Bosu, Kickboxing Certification
  • Jillian Michaels' Body Shred Certification
  • CPR Certification - American Heart Association
Other Programs
  • Girls on the Run Running Coach
  • Youth Sports Coach
  • Running Club Coordinator
  • Boot Camp Instructor